Acknowledging past hurts are vital for your healing process.  Being aware empowers you and helps you move to the step in your journey.  To inquire about a plan specific to your needs click the button below.


Acceptance does not mean you agree with your past hurt. It means you accept the fact it happened, but understand it does not own you. Resolving past hurts and issues are essential to your growth.


Change is possible!   The possibility of change starts in the mind.  If you believe it, you can achieve it.

Now, let's rewrite your future!  Start now, click below to experience Healing for Her, LLC.



Women & Young Ladies who desire to move forward but are stagnate as a result of past trauma, a difficult upbringing, low self-esteem, inability to have healthy relationships, or are unsure about their purpose and who they are. 


Through mentoring, empowering, coaching and workshop sessions, their lives are changed.   



"Shy" was truly an amazing and inspiring women showing her passion to inspire young girls to be Beautiful.  The "I Am Beautiful Talk" is a great way to have young girls know that they matter in this world giving them the confidence they need. Truly AMAZING!"

Program Leader

Girls Inc.Of Greater Los Angeles

We are still talking about your event!! So amazing and inspiring sis.


Your words were very helpful an encouraging your grrreat!


Thank you for the message. I appreciate the reminder to be focused and have a plan in life.


Especially, to address that Monday dread which adds stress to the body, soul and mind; I needed that!

Eseoghene O.

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